Acupuncture For Migraine

Acupuncture for Migraine Ashbourne Co. MeathAt Morning Star Acupuncture Sandycove and Morning Star Acupuncture Meath we have had great success giving Acupuncture for Migraine.

Chinese Medicine works so well in treating this condition as it allows us to fully understand the nature of imbalances causing the condition and then tailor treatment to each client’s individual condition, giving the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

  How Can Acupuncture For Migraine Help?

In Chinese medicine there are a number of causes of migraine, with the main organ responsible in the vast majority of cases being the liver, with possible added involvement of the kidneys, spleen or lung. There isn’t necessarily anything structurally wrong with the liver or other organs, there is just an imbalance.

  Yin and Yang

To understand this imbalance in terms of Chinese Medicine, we must first understand the concept of Yin and Yang, which explains that, in the body, opposites must balance each other for harmony to exist. For example the heating and cooling aspects of our bodies must balance each other to achieve the correct temperature. In relation to migraine, the most important definitions of Yin and Yang are that Yang is upward moving, warmth and dryness. Yin is downward moving, cool and damp. Energy is an example of a Yang “substance”, while blood is a Yin substance. These “opposites” should balance each other and result in harmony in the body. Here, for example, the blood (Yin) should keep the energy (Yang) from rising and energy should keep blood from falling (bleeding).

  Background Causes

However, if we have had a lot of stress, frustration or emotional upset, if we work too hard without adequate rest, if we have been sick, or lost a lot of blood, if our diet is unsuitable for our constitution, if we have a constitutional weakness, are sexually active too often, or live in an environment that affects our health, the balance in our bodies will be upset. Usually, in migraine, there is a combination of a few of these causative factors.


In migraine there will either be too much Yang (for example from being stressed and/or drinking too much alcohol (a warming substance)) or too little Yin (for example from being run down and/or having an unsuitable diet). Either way the result is that the Yang of the liver is not balanced by Yin and rises up to cause overload and hence pain in channels related to the liver on the sides of the head.


Acupuncture Dun LaoghaireThus, treatment must address several factors. First of all we will need to make the Yang descend, which can be achieved over several treatments. Then, either concurrently or subsequently, we will need to boost the Yin to “restrain” the Yang and stop it rising. Finally lifestyle and/or emotional changes may need to be introduced in order to prevent the causative factors leading to recurrence.


When all of these actions are carried out there will be less likelihood of recurrence, or maintenance treatments will be needed less often. If they aren’t carried out fully, or if too few treatments have been given, further treatments may be needed to deal with new occurences of migraine.

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